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Jess grew up on the Suffolk coast and went on to spend much of her life in Ethiopia and Rwanda working in eye-care and trauma counselling before becoming a Primary school teacher back in the UK.

When life threw Jess a difficult situation that challenged both her mental and physical health, she turned to yoga and meditation to seek clarity and strength. It was through these that Jess was able to process, understand and move forward with a new thirst for life. As a result, she trained as a yoga teacher under the incredible guidance of Erin Pritchard and is now teaching in the North East of Corfu.

Jess fully believes in the healing power of yoga to quieten the daily 'chatter' of our minds and the influence that it has on us physically, emotionally and spiritually: 'Yoga is about taking what we learn on the mat, off the mat and into our daily lives. It all begins and ends with compassion.'

Jess teaches with warmth, honesty and humour whilst constantly focusing on the breath to guide you through your practice. In addition to scheduled classes, Jess teaches one to one or small group private sessions and can be contacted at jess@yoga-corfu.com or on 07732 129423 for more information.

Jess is also a freelance illustrator and artist. Her work includes illustrations, cards, canvases, personalised wedding invitations and bespoke tote bags. More information can be found at www.jessgrantdesigns.com

Everything that you need lies within yourself. All source of power, all source of strength, all source of love, all source of happiness, and all source of peace lies within yourself.

Vinyasa Yoga

Consciousness in motion

Vinyasa Yoga is a style of Yoga derived from Ashtanga, Sri. Pattabhi Jois’s eight limbed Yoga path.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a vigourous and intellectually stimulating style of Yoga which links the movement of the body with the breathe in a continual flow.

This class is open to all levels of practitioners.

The asanas are taught in a flowing style in which we move with the breath to create internal heat, challenging the body while quieting the mind. Modifications are offered to lessen or intensify the asana practice, enabling students to work at their own pace.


The quieter you become
the more you are able to hear



What others have to say

"Jess' classes are fun, dynamic and incredibly uplifting. Her warmth and down to earth personality is a wonderful guide throughout the practice."

"As a beginner, Jess has really helped me deepen my practice through her constant gentle encouragement and knowledge. She takes the time to help me feel confident in the trickier poses and always teaches with a sense of humour that is infectious."

"A kind and inspirational teacher. I always leave Jess' class with a sense of peace and my head held a little higher. "


For more information or if you have any questions please get in touch


+44 (0)7732 129423

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